Nicholas Klompas

Technical Papers

Turbo Expo 2002 Presentation
 Predicting Engine Whirl Instability via Equivalent 2D Mechanisms (

Turbo Expo 2001 Presentation:
Nature Of Vibratory Waves In Bladed Disks

Turbo Expo 2000 Presentation:
Limit Cycle Due To Interlocked Shroud Friction:
Instrumental To The High-Bypass Turbofan

Reclaiming The Designer's Heritage:
The Loss Of Touch In Mechanics

Dangerous Mechanisms Masked by the Analysis of USAir Flight 427

Equations Don't Explain Puzzlers In Engine Dynamics

Whole Engine Dynamics Solutions from Rankine To The Future
As Presented at TurboExpo 2004, Vienna, June 17 2004  (pdf)

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